Extreme H2O Products

The Extreme H2O product portfolio offers options that are not readily available from other manufacturers.  Our multiple diameters provide solutions for patients with specific fitting needs – and those that drop out of wearing contact lenses.  Therefore, they are an integral component to your contact lens offerings.

All of our contact lenses are made with group 2, ultra-hydrating non-ionic materials.  These materials are unique; they have outstanding hydration and water retention characteristics. As a result, patients experience all-day comfort, clarity and dry eye relief.

Extreme H2O Daily

The only one day disposable in three diameters: 13.6, 14.2, 14.8

Extreme H2O Weekly

The only weekly disposable in three diameters: 13.6, 14.2, 14.8

Extreme H2O Monthly

Three base curve options for an optimum fit

Extreme H2O 54

Available in two diameter options: 13.6 and 14.2

Extreme H2O 54 Toric

Available in Low Cylinder (-0.65) and Mid Cylinder (-1.25)


Opaque color contact lenses for astigmatic and spherical patients.

Extreme H2O 59

A problem solver for your challenging patients