Extreme H2O Daily

  • Three diameter options enable you to get the right fit on all your patients
  • Ultra stable copolymer provides exceptional on-eye stability throughout the entire wearing period
  • Lenses do not shrink, tighten or change shape on the eye
  • Non-ionic material resists protein deposits keeping lenses clean, clear and healthy
Extreme H2O Daily Packaging

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The right fit for improved comfort

Extreme H2O Daily is the ONLY daily disposable available in 3 diameter options: 13.6, 14.2, and 14.8.  
Why three sizes? Because not all patients are the same – and not all benefit from a standard size contact lens. 

Pacific University Study on HVID

Studies show that 27%  (1/4 of your patient base) of contact lens fittings fall outside standard parameters. Therefore, they would benefit from a smaller or larger diameter lens.  

This might also contribute to the steady dropout rate we have seen over the last 25 years despite the huge strides in contact lens designs and materials. 

Additional HVID findings

To further substantiate the above findings, we conducted our own internal clinical evaluation on HVID and comfort. We measured 450 patients’ HVID and asked them to rate the comfort level of their contact lens. Like Pacific University, our findings showed that 25% of patients fall outside standard parameters. In addition, we found that these 25% of patients had comfort issues. 37% of patients with HVID less than or equal to 11.3 and 53% of patients with HVID greater than or equal to 12.3 reported a level of discomfort with their contact lens. 

Bring the success of 3 diameters to your practice.

"I love having the variety and flexibility in options to best serve our patients, and I can't tell you how the smaller/larger diameter dailies have really come through in times of need."
Jessica Yu, OD
Westport, CT