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Size Matters when fitting contact lenses

Did you know that most disposable contact lens manufacturers determine the base curve and diameter of their lenses based on the average HVID of 11.8.  The unfortunate reality is that 27% – more than one in every four patients you see – have an HVID that falls outside the normal range of 11.3 to 12.3 mm. Putting these patients in an average size lens is not going to provide them with the contact lens comfort they want.  This may also contribute to the steady drop out rate we have seen over the past 25 years.

Don’t settle for a one size fit’s all contact lens.  Extreme H2O is available in a small and large diameter enabling you to give 100% of your patients the contact lens comfort and vision they expect.

Extreme H2O 13.6

Reach for 13.6 for your new wearers, pediatrics, patients with insertion and removal issues, small corneas, and tight lids.

Diameter Studies

Pacific University conducted study which shows that 27% of patients would benefit from a small or large diameter contact lens.

Extreme H2O 14.8

Reach for a 14.8 diameter lens for your athletes, larger size corneas, and patients who are sensitive to lens awareness.

"I love having the variety and flexibility in options to best serve our patients, and I can't tell you how the smaller/larger diameter dailies have really come through in times of need."
Jessica Yu, OD
Westport, CT

Bring the success of 3 diameters to your practice.