Extreme H2O 54

Available in two diameter options: 13.6 and 14.2

Why Two Diameters?

The best comfort is a combination of the right material and the right fit.  

Two diameter options allow you to use your expertise provide patients with the right size lens ensuring a perfect fit and ultimate comfort.

Not sure about your patients cornea size? Measure their HVID.

HVID less than 11.3 mm - Start with 13.6

Patients who would benefit from a slightly smaller lens design:

  • Patients with smaller than average corneas
  • Patients with HVID less than 11.3
  • Pediatric eyes
  • Patients with tight lids
  • Patients with small fissures

Patient who have difficulty inserting and removing their lenses

HVID greater than 11.3mm - Start with 14.2

Patients who would benefit from an average size lens design:

  • Patients with average size corneas
  • Patients with HVID greater  than 11.3
Patients who exhibit:
  • Too much lens movement
  • Too much lid interaction causing discomfort from the lens edge
  • Centering issues