Extreme H2O 54

Available in two diameter options: 13.6 and 14.2

Extreme H2O Packaging

Why Two Diameters?

The best comfort is a combination of the right material and the right fit.  

Two diameter options allow you to use your expertise provide patients with the right size lens ensuring a perfect fit and ultimate comfort.

Not sure about your patients cornea size? Measure their HVID.

HVID less than 11.3 mm - Start with 13.6

Patients who would benefit from a slightly smaller lens design:

  • Patients with smaller than average corneas
  • Patients with HVID less than 11.3
  • Pediatric eyes
  • Patients with tight lids
  • Patients with small fissures

Patient who have difficulty inserting and removing their lenses

HVID greater than 11.3mm - Start with 14.2

Patients who would benefit from an average size lens design:

  • Patients with average size corneas
  • Patients with HVID greater  than 11.3
Patients who exhibit:
  • Too much lens movement
  • Too much lid interaction causing discomfort from the lens edge
  • Centering issues


  • Patients are more precisely fit with the availability of two diameter options
  • Patient’s comfort is enhanced with the right material and fit
  • Practitioners can differentiate themselves by offering choices which no other disposable lens manufacturer offers
  • Practitioners provide patients with the number one thing they want – excellent all-day comfort which is a result of our material and fitting options
  • Patient satisfaction results in retention; enhancing practice profitability
Advanced moisture retention combined with outstanding durability provides patients with the following benefits:
  • Excellent ALL-DAY Comfort
  • Crisp, Stable Visual Acuity
  • Improved Ocular Health
  • Increased Wearing Time
  • Deposit Resistance
  • Outstanding Handling and Durability Characteristics

Material / Handling Tint: 46% Hioxifilcon D, 54% water in a buffered 0.9% saline solution containing NACl and HaHC03 with a polyalkylene oxide block copolymer additive/ Light blue handling tint

Polymer Type: GMA / HEMA copolymer, group 2, high water, non-ionic

Oxygen Permeability: 21DK (Fatt units @ 35c)

Packaging: Blister Pack – 6 per box and/or 12 per box

Diameters: 13.6 and 14.2

Center Thickness: 13.6: 0.081 mm @ -3.00 mm | 14.2 0.085 mm @ -3.00 mm

Base Curve: 13.6 – Median (8.3)  14.2 – Median (8.6)

+1.00 to +6.00 and -0.50 to -8.00
+1.00 to +6.00 and -0.50 to -8.00
(0.50D Steps after +4.00)